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Simcoe Homes and Cottages

Getting Started with Simcoe Homes & Cottages

You've decided you're going to build your home or cottage. Congratulations! It is such an exciting time and one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. It can also be very overwhelming to know where to start and how to navigate the process of building your own home. Let Simcoe Building Centre help and guide you. We've pared the process down to four simple steps and we are really excited to get you moving in the right direction.

Step 1
Choose a house, cottage or garage layout from one of our many pre-designed floorplans. We have plans for bungalows, two storeys, lofts and garages. Keep an open mind when looking at the plans. Know that the exteriors used in the rendering are suggestions and can be customized to suit you.


If none of our floorplans are speaking to you, don't be afraid to provide your own design idea!

Step 2
Contact one of our Simcoe Building Centre locations to set up an initial consultation. Here you will meet with one of our awesome and knowledgeable Sales Representatives to begin putting together the perfect package for your new home or cottage. It is in this meeting that you will have the opportunity to discuss the scope of your project and plan the next steps.

Whether you have chosen one of the Simcoe Homes and Cottage floorplans plans -  or have your own idea - we can help bring that dream to life.


Step 3
Simcoe Building Centre will review the materials list and explain what’s included in the total price. Choosing a Simcoe Homes and Cottages floorplan is unique because we give you back a portion of the cost right up to the full amount depending on the package.*
*To qualify, you must purchase the agreed percentage of materials from the Simcoe Block (1979) Ltd. family of companies.


Step 4
You are provided with your plans and material package to start working with your builder.


Congratulations! You are on the way to building your dream home or cottage.



Baseboards run along the base of a wall along the floor to conceal gaps between the wall and flooring and/or hide imperfections. They also serve as protection for your walls from things like vacuum hoses, mops and regular wear and tear. Baseboard can dramatically change the feel to any room and requires minimal effort.



Casings surround door and window openings once again concealing gaps between wall and window. But casing can also dramatically alter a room's character. You can add ledges, corner blocks and create unique build up combinations for added character.


Chair Rail

Originally designed to protect walls against chairs being pushed back against them, chair rail is now more of a decorative element. With many ready-to-go profiles available, we encourage people to combing or build up mouldings to achieve the ultimate in customized style.


Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is installed at the corner of the ceiling and wall. This natural focal point offers the perfect place for moulings and crown is the ideal finishing touch to any space. Even rooms with standard ceiling heights can gain significant enhancement from a few simple pieces of moulding installed together.

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