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Stairs and Railings

Stairs and railings is Simcoe Door and Trim's most recent expansion offering staircases for any project from the construction of a new home to that renovation you've been dreaming of. Our team of experts and carpenters are here to guide you through the process from design to installation and we're happy to be as involved as you need us to be.

Stop by our showroom during the week to see displays and speak to our staff. You can also check out our floor display at Simcoe Building Centre.


Talk with us today about your vision. Whether you're a builder, sub-contractor or a DIYer looking to renovate, Simcoe Door and Trim is here to help you get the stairs you're envisioning. It all starts with a great plan. We can come to your home and discuss options and create the plan together.



Simcoe Door and Trim's stair and railing department has the tools and experience to expertly craft exactly what you're looking for! Having your stairs and/or railings built done in their shop can save you finding space and time building these large units. Let Simcoe Door and Trim get the job done for you with speed and accuracy.​

Staircase view from above.


Simcoe Door and Trim will deliver and install your staircase or railings too! We see our jobs through from start to finish.

Installing them yourself? That's fine too. We can deliver them to your site and leave the rest to you.


Custom stairs built by Simcoe Door & Trim.


Designing a staircase can be an intimidating experience. They're usually somewhat of a visual centerpiece in homes and can set the tone for the design throughout. There are many styles to choose from and if you have an idea, Simcoe Door and Trim is always ready to help you see it through. Here are some styles to consider:

Straight | Open Rise | Mono Stringer | Circular

Once you've decided on a style, you also need to consider whether your stairs will be stained or carpeted. We can build your stairs from just about any wood like oak, maple, pine and exotics. 

Custom railings available at Simcoe Door & Trim.


Simcoe Door and Trim can get you the railing to match to your stairs as well. If you're looking for modern or traditional they can deliver! With materials like wrought iron, metal, glass and a huge selection of wood they're sure to achieve the look you desire. Helping every step of the way from design to build and even install.

Check Out the Stair Boss in Action!

Saving you time and money, this machine creates two exact stair stringers at once, cutting from the front and back. It's digital interface ensures cuts are made with precision accuracy. The horizontal, rapid transfer system keeps the substrate moving effortlessly throughout the cutting process.

Call Simcoe Door & Trim today to get the Stair Boss working for you!

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