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It is no secret that Canadian winters are full of weather surprises and ice is expected to show up in the mix of it all at some point. Our 2017 winter certainly has offered it’s share of ice to date so we wanted to offer some insight into the different Ice Melting Products that are available to help keep you, your family, pets, plants and landscaping stone safe until Spring arrives.

Salt is the most traditional way of deicing and has been in use since the 1940’s. In Canada the primary type of salt used is rock salt, which is mined right from the earth and requires no additional processing.

Simcoe Carries the Windsor® Brand of Ice Melting Products

Plant and Concrete Safe

Safe-T-Plus® Surface Care Ice Melt contains a sealing agent to help minimize concrete damage and compounds that promote plant growth, making it safer for concrete and plants than plain salt. Safe-T-Plus® is safer for both humans and pets than plain salt and other leading blends as well.

Pet Safe

Safe-T-PetTM is a premium ice melt that is free of salt and other chlorides that can irritate pets paws and stomachs, making it safer for pets, people, plants and surfaces than plain salt.

Ice Melting at Lower Extreme Temperatures

Action Melt® is a blend of calcium chloride and salt, specifically designed to perform under even extreme conditions down to -31C. Action Melt bores through ice and snow to break ice and snow’s bond with pavement.

Be sure to visit us in store to see our wide selection of Ice Melting Products.

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