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Landscape and Hardscape

Simcoe Solutions is a great place to visit for your architectural landscaping projects. Whether you're a professional looking to source suppliers for clients or a homeowner with a vision for your property, we can support you from start to finish. Simcoe Masonry Centre has landscape pavers, retaining wall stone, curbs and steps. We also carry the tools, accessories and extras you'll need to complete hardscape projects such as limestone screening, gravel and sand.


Copings are typically the top or finishing piece on a wall or edge. They can be used around pools, as benches or seating, and to cap a retaining wall. 

Some feature a rounded, bullnose edge - which is perfect for pools and seating or squared corners for steps and walls. Choose from monochromatic colours or something contrasting to create interest.


Concrete pavers are used to create a "floor" to your outdoor space. They are typically set together in interlocking patterns to work with the design of your home or space.

Concrete pavers are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. While some pavers are meant to mimic a tumbled, old-world feel, others are geometric and modern. No matter your style, all these concrete pavers have been developed for long term durability in the Canadian outdoors.

Retaining wall in a backyard with green grass and an elevated garden created with Oaks Landscape Products.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls should be durable and functional. Retaining wall stone can be used to build landscape walls for the most complex property requirements or for simply creating unique boarders and design in your yard. With so many colours, textures and sizes of stone to choose from you sure to find the perfect fit for your landscape project.

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