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Chimneys and Fireplaces

Properly insulating your home is one of leading ways to control your energy bills. We carry a variety of insulation types to help make your home more energy efficient including; batt, rigid foam, blown-in and spray foam. We have a solution to help keep your home more comfortable in all seasons.

A grouping of various shaped and sized terra cotta flue tiles.

Flue Tiles

Chimney flues provide a vent so that the byproducts of combustion do not back up into a room. Ideally, the flue carries away gases and smoke with minimal heat loss, so that the fire provides warmth without endangering the people indoors. Flues are usually straight, as this provides the best draft, ensuring that there is a steady flow of unwanted material out of the flue. The amount of draft can be controlled with the use of a damper mounted inside the chimney flue, allowing the user to strike a balance between ventilation and heat loss.

black cast iron fireplace damper.

Cast Iron Fireplace Dampers

Simcoe Masonry Centre has everything you need for your fireplace. Vestal Manufacturing has provided quality American made cast iron fireplace accessories including their dampers for over 65 years.


Whether you are doing repairs to an existing fireplace or building a new on we will have what you need. We stock many types of dampers that will suit modern, traditional or casual style fireplaces.

Fire Bricks

Content coming soon.

Featured Suppliers  

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