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Trim and Moulding

Trim and moulding can take your room from regular to spectacular! Using dimensional features adds depth and creates interest. These extras come is a wide variety of styles and sizes giving you endless possibilities when designing. If the options get overwhelming, give the team at Simcoe Door and Trim a call. They specialize in this category and help you achieve the look, style and budget you're going for!

White baseboard under white window mouldings.


Baseboards run along the base of a wall along the floor to conceal gaps between the wall and flooring and/or hide imperfections. They also serve as protection for your walls from things like vacuum hoses, mops and regular wear and tear. Baseboard can dramatically change the feel to any room and requires minimal effort.

Luxury bathroom with white window casing.


Casings surround door and window openings once again concealing gaps between wall and window. But casing can also dramatically alter a room's character. You can add ledges, corner blocks and create unique build up combinations for added character.

Chair rail installed over wainscotting.

Chair Rail

Originally designed to protect walls against chairs being pushed back against them, chair rail is now more of a decorative element. With many ready-to-go profiles available, we encourage people to combing or build up mouldings to achieve the ultimate in customized style.

Crown moulding detail on architectural ceiling.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is installed at the corner of the ceiling and wall. This natural focal point offers the perfect place for moulings and crown is the ideal finishing touch to any space. Even rooms with standard ceiling heights can gain significant enhancement from a few simple pieces of moulding installed together.

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