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Concrete Block

All concrete block units manufactured at Simcoe Masonry Centre. Our facilities are produced to meet and/or exceed the industry-required specifications as defined by CSA Standard A165.1-04.


Simcoe Masonry Centre produces all the block sizes and shapes that are necessary to construct the basements, foundations, firewalls and divider walls in your building projects. All are available in either standard weight (H/15/A/M) or Lightweight (H/15/B/M).

Concrete foundation blocks, or cinder blocks, stacked in a pile.

Reference Materials

Coursing Tables Chart

Standard Block Size Reference

Ten reasons to use block foundation

  1. Block basements provide versatility when building.

  2. Masonry block fits automatically. When using block your basement size, shape, and features (doors, windows etc.) can be quickly and inexpensively customized.

  3. Block has incredible “R” & “U” factors. It will naturally be warmer than poured concrete, without insulation.

  4. Block walls breathe. They don't sweat like other foundations.

  5. Block absorbs sound.

  6. Block foundation walls can be fixed easily, quickly and inexpensively.

  7. Masonry block comes in a variety of surface textures and architectural features.

  8. The cavities in masonry block easily accommodate vertical steel reinforcement, used where excessive soil pressure occurs.

  9.  Masonry block comes from the earth itself and respects the environment.

  10.  Simcoe Masonry Centre has a showroom and knowledgeable staff to support you with choosing the right product for your project!

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