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Beatiful foyer with white mouldings and interior doors.
Welcoming front entrance way with white mouldings.

Finishing Touches

Trim and moulding can set your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Let us show you how!

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Welcome to Simcoe Door and Trim

Simcoe Door and Trim was launched in 2012. It was start of something really unique for Simcoe Block. Interior trim and mouldings are specialized building materials that take a great deal of skill, experience and knowledge to visualize, measure and install. The team at Simcoe Door and Trim have the expertise you need to get the job done.


When you visit the Simcoe Door and Trim, you'll find a 15,000 square foot facility featuring a showroom, warehouse and workshop. We can machine our own u-channel as well as create our own door jambs, headers and more. The large production floor and warehouse makes for the efficient handling of large jobs.


The Simcoe Door and Trim team is a tight knit crew of experts in this specific area and that sets them apart from other Simcoe divisions in a unique way. It's likely that the same guy you place your order with, is the same guy who loads your truck. This hands-on approach to service means you have support every step of the way. And, installation services are available.

Simcoe Block's success was built on knowledge and relationships and Simcoe Door and Trim is no different. No job is too big or too small to tackle. They work with many contractors and developers as well as homeowners. Each job is met with attention to detail, experience and expertise.


Drop by our Showroom. Check out samples and gather ideas.


From design to

installation and delivery.

Fancy front foyer with white mouldings and wall panels.
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