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Nudura ICF

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Simcoe Building Centre has been leading the way in Insulated Concrete Forms(ICFs) as an authorized distributor of Nudura ICF since 2014. Nudura ICF offers a faster and more efficient way of building both residential and commercial structures while remaining environmentally conscience. It's also widely recognized for the dramatic long-term energy savings.

ICF has surged in popularity in areas like Northern Ontario. The unforgiving landscapes of the Canadian Shield can present obstacles for traditional building methods. Nudura ICF's ability to be shaped to work with the environment opens up building opportunities that may never have been considered in the past. In fact, Simcoe Building Centre in Bracebridge was awarded the Nudura Highest Sales Per Capita for 2017. A testament to our incredible team and the products popularity in the Muskoka region.


Benefits of Nudura ICF

  • Environmentally conscience building

    • 100% recyclable

    • high R value

    • green codes certified

    • contains 0% CFC, HCFC, HFC or other ozone depleting agents

    • 4-Way Reversible system reduces waste during construction.

    • and more!


  • Strength and Durability ​​

    • will not decompose/decay​

    • high fire rating

    • durable concrete construction

    • withstands winds up to 402km/h

    • impact resistance

    • superior protection during severe weather


  • Quality of Life

    • no toxic material or gasses​

    • dampens sound vibrations from outside

    • high thermal mass which means no thermal transfer or air leakage


  • Cost Efficient

    • reduce energy costs by up to 50%​

    • high return on investment

    • potential insurance savings

    • lower HVAC requirements


  • Construction Efficiency

    • 25-50% faster construction​

    • no special engineering needed

    • easy to route wire and water pipes

    • ease, flexibility, and versatility in design

    • eliminates traditional steps like stripping, cleaning, insulating and furring.

Nudura ICF Training Courses

​Because building is always evolving it is important to Simcoe Building Centre has partnered with Nudura ICF to offer education and certification courses. These course are continually offer throughout the year to support our network of homeowners and professionals. Check our Events page for postings on the next class. Be sure to register.

Once your certified, don't forget that Simcoe Building Centre and Simcoe Northern Supply have certified Nurdura ICF experts on staff to help and guide you from start to finish if you have any questions.

Nudura ICF Blocks

For a complete product guide, check out the Nudura website.

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