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Our delivery service sets apart. We have the ability to get you what you need. No matter where you are.

Simcoe's impressive fleet of delivery trucks are ready to get you what you need no matter the size of order. We have the trucks and the driving professionals to deliver. Simcoe does not use third party logistics providers. We're ready to go on short notice and can usually turn around a delivery in a day. Check out our amazing fleet below. 

We deliver over most of Central and Northern Ontario. Wondering if we deliver to you? Contact us to find out.

Meet  the  Fleet!

Simcoe Building Centre's 72' drywall delivery boom truck.

72' Drywall Delivery Boom

Number of Trucks: 2

Purpose: deliveries of drywall, steel studs, engineered lumber, insulation, pre-built docks and more.

Standard Drywall Boom

Number of Trucks: 7

Purpose: deliveries of drywall, shingles, lumber, engineered lumber, insulation, pre-built docks and more.

Simcoe Building Centre's standard drywall delivery truck with boom.

Hitch Hikers

Number of Trucks: 4

Purpose: delivery of stone, engineered lumber, insulation, pre-built docks and more.

Block Trucks

Number of Trucks: 6

Purpose: delivery of paving stone, foundation block, cultured stone, shingles, pre-built docks and more.

Simcoe Masonry Centre's block delivery truck.

Box Trucks

Number of Trucks: 2

Purpose: delivery of kitchens, bathrooms, insulation, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), flooring, tiles and more.

Custom Curtain Truck

Number of Trucks: 1

Purpose: delivery of trim, moldings,  interior doors and more.

Simcoe Door & Trim's curtain truck.
Drone image of Simcoe Solutions' fleet of delivery trucks.
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