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A Foundation Built on Relationships

It’s been quite a year to say the least! And the pandemic continues to take its toll on people, communities and business around the world. Hopefully, as we begin to see the light at the end of this, we will return to a state of new normal soon.

As a Building Materials Supplier, we have been fortunate enough to remain open (in some form; curbside pickup and delivery) for both lockdowns as we service an essential industry; Construction. And while fortunate, it hasn’t been easy. We’ve had our share of obstacles in figuring out the ever changing federal and provincial regulations with regards to Covid-19. Regulations that came with little warning and that are often open to interpretation.

For local, independently owned and operated businesses, the impact of a pandemic could be devastating. With so many unknowns, we just kept rolling with the punches. What became evident quickly was that now, more than ever, our relationships were going to count.

While many local companies moved to ecommerce solutions in an effort to remain operational, it wasn’t going to be that simple for us. If you know Simcoe Solutions, you know that we’re just as much a service as we are a store. Call us old fashioned – or rather “good ol’ fashioned” - but our personal touch is what sets us apart. During Covid-19, that has meant shopping for you, loading your truck, delivering your supplies, keeping you safe, and ultimately a commitment to keeping your jobsites productive. Our employees have taken their roles on the front line seriously, holding themselves to standards no one expected of them and often burning themselves out. Why? Because they don’t want to let down the relationships they’ve built. That’s dedication.

As if the weight of a pandemic, and the complete change in how we operate wasn’t enough, adding to stress was (and still remains in some cases) supply shortages and cost increases. While we were completely sympathetic to everyone this affected, many were not as sympathetic to our staff - who were only the messengers. In instances like this, we leaned on our peers and customers more than ever for support. Yet another testament to the relationships that are at the core of Simcoe Solutions success.

Never have so many issues been so out of our control at the same time. And after firing on all cylinders all year long, we know everyone is tired. So, as we look forward to the upcoming peak season, we want to say Thank You.

To the Simcoe Solutions staff - Your hard work and consistency don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for showing up.

To our long standing Customers – Your relationship is what keeps us energized and moving forward. Thank you for sticking with us.

To our New Customers – Welcome to the Simcoe Solutions family – we think you’ll like it here. Thank you for choosing us.

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