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Drywall & Ceiling

Simcoe Building Centre is a leading drywall supplier. In fact, we have an entire warehouse dedicated to storing drywall.​

We sell industry leading brands like CGC Sheetrock®, Securock®, Durock® and Fiberock®. These brands have set industry standards for building products.

When deciding the style and function of wall panels you will need for your project, you should consider the following:

  • board thickness

  • board size

  • edge profile

  • fire resistance

  • mold and mildew resistance

  • cement backer board for tiling​

  • flexibility

If you're unsure, call Simcoe Building Centre for advice.

Large pile of drywall boards stacked.

Drywall Panels

Often called sheetrock, gypsum board or wall board, drywall is used to finish interior walls and ceilings. It's a lightweight, inexpensive way to seal up interior constructions, renos or repairs.

Commonly available in 4'x8' panels but other sizes can be ordered if you require them.

Acoustical ceiling panels installed on ceiling.

Ceiling Panels

There are many styles of ceilings consider when finishing interiors. 

Simcoe Building Centre can help you with any materials you require. From panels and trim to grids and accessories.

unfinished bathroom tile showing cement board being used.

Cement Board

Cement board is used in spaces where water is present; floors, kitchen, bathroom, tiled areas etc. There are many styles of cement board to choose from and we're happy to recommend options. 

Drywall Finishing Products

We are sure to have what you need to complete your interior wall and ceiling projects.

  • CGC Ready Mix Drywall Compounds

  • CGC Sheetrock Compounds

  • Joint Tapes

  • Corner Beads and Trims

  • Primers, Patch and Repair

  • Tools like sand paper, drywall knives, trowels, screw guns

  • So much more!

group picture of CGC drwyal compounds.

Steel Studs

More information to come.

Featured Suppliers  

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