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Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavements are gaining popularity in Canada as an effective and sustainable solution for managing stormwater runoff.

They can be used for driveways, walkways, and patios to help manage on-site stormwater, reduce the risk of puddles, prevent slips, and aid compliance with local water regulations. Permeable pavement benefits include long-term cost savings, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental benefits, providing a sustainable and practical solution for urban landscapes.

How Do Permeable Pavers It Work?

The permeable pavement system consists of concrete pavers with small openings between them that allow water to pass through to an open-graded aggregate base. A small stone chip called Joint Material is used between the pavers and is combined with an outer curb to hold them in place.

Below the pavers sits a layer of stone chip base called the Bedding Layer, ensuring the surface is flat. The Base Layer below this and the final Sub-Base layer consist of larger and larger stones, allowing rainwater to be stored until it drains into the natural soil.

You may need a geotextile and underdrain pipe based on the natural soil type. The specific installation can be tailored to specific site conditions.

Permeable Pavement Applications

Permeable pavements are suitable for residential driveways, walkways, and patios. They provide homeowners with an environmentally friendly option for managing stormwater on their properties.

Permeable pavements can be used not only for driveways but also for managing stormwater from downspouts, helping to comply with local regulations.

Permeable pavements are also used in larger commercial projects, including parking lots and public spaces. They can handle heavy traffic, including delivery trucks, while effectively managing stormwater.

Permeable Pavement Benefits

1. Environmental Benefits

Permeable pavements contribute to on-site stormwater management, reducing the strain on local stormwater systems. This is particularly important in urban areas where impervious surfaces can increase runoff and drainage issues. Effective stormwater runoff management in Canada is crucial for safeguarding water quality and preventing pollution in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.

The design of permeable pavements facilitates rainwater infiltration into the natural soil, promoting groundwater recharge. This is crucial for maintaining healthy ecosystems and sustaining water resources.

2. Climate Considerations

Permeable pavements are designed to handle freeze-thaw cycles common in Canadian winters. They prevent the formation of ice patches by allowing water to drain through, reducing the risk of slips and falls during icy conditions.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Many Canadian municipalities have specific regulations governing stormwater management. Using permeable pavements can help property owners comply with these regulations by mitigating the impact of development on local water systems.

4. Design Flexibility

A permeable pavement benefit clients love is its range of designs, colours, and materials, offering aesthetic flexibility. Property owners can choose a type of permeable pavement that will complement existing landscaping to enhance their outdoor spaces' curb value and appearance.

A company like Brampton Brick provides many types of permeable pavers with modern designs and a wide range of colour options that combine beautifully with other products to create unique patterns.

5. Cost Considerations

Permeable pavements present long-term savings despite a slightly higher initial cost than traditional pavements. Their durability and effectiveness can lead to reduced maintenance expenses and potential savings in stormwater management.

By enabling rainwater infiltration into the ground, permeable pavers diminish the necessity for extensive stormwater infrastructure like drainage systems and retention basins. Furthermore, they can help lower maintenance costs by averting water-related damage to pavement surfaces, decreasing the frequency of repairs and replacements over time.

A beautiful driveway made with tan coloured paving stones.
Enviro Midori permeable pavers from Oaks/Brampton Brick.

Simcoe Building Centre and Simcoe Masonry Centre

Using permeable pavements in residential and commercial applications addresses stormwater management challenges, and helps property owners comply with local regulations. The adaptability of permeable pavements to diverse climatic conditions, including Canada's winters, makes them a viable and eco-friendly option for various outdoor applications.

Simcoe Building Centre and Simcoe Masonry Centre have been your trusted local sources for building materials for over 65 years. Permeable Pavers are a special order item that requires an engineer. Call or visit your nearest Simcoe Block location to learn more and get a quote for your next project.

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